Q)  What is the difference between Beauflor Resilient Flooring and standard vinyl flooring?

A) Putting aesthetics aside where Beauflor really has an advantage Beauflor also features an   engineered composite surface that is highly resistant to tears, rips and gouges. Beauflor adds Multi-Protect™ in the top layer to resist staining agents like oil, gas, hair color, iodine and mustard. And unlike vinyl floors with paper felt backing, Beauflor is produced with unique stable backings that even in extreme cold or hot temperatures remain stable without tearing or cracking.


Q) We have Beauflor in our Motorcoach and I would like to purchase it for my home.  Can I buy this directly from Syntec?

A) Most of the products we sell are for specialty markets.  They have been manufactured with special  widths, specific carriers and topcoats. While they work well for home use it would be   worthwhile checking your local retailers as Beauflor is available in many retail outlets.


Q) Can I buy a cut of vinyl or fabric direct from Syntec or through one of your Distributors?

A) We do not sell cuts of vinyl or fabric direct from Syntec. The best source would be through the     distibutor or the manufacturing company.


Q) Where can I buy a replacement part for my snap-in carpet mat kit?

A) Please contact Syntec Customer Service @ 706-235-1158. If we made the carpet mat kit we can   assist in getting a replacement part.


Q) Can I sell your marine carpeting in my retail store?

A)  Please contact your Syntec Sales Representative to inquire about availability.        


Q) Can I buy a cut of carpet for my boat directly from Syntec?

A)  In most cases, yes.  But it might be easier for you to buy from a marine distributor.


Q) What is CoolTouch™ Technology?   

A) CoolTouch™ is an amazing breakthrough in marine vinyl technology.  Dark vinyl treated with      CoolTouch™ Techology is over 10 degrees cooler than neutral colored vinyl without.    CoolTouch™ Technology won the 2012 IBBI “Innovation of the Year” Award.


Q) Can I buy a steering wheel direct from Syntec?

A) You can purchase a Gussi Italia wheel directly from your boat manufacturer or direct from Syntec.