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  • Boston 69M
  • Chalet Oak 696D
  • Ibiza 639D
  • Ibiza 647M
  • Oak Plank 66D
  • Parma 63M
  • Pearwood 14M
  • Sienna 69M
  • Stock Oak 61M
  • Stock Oak 696D
  • Stock Oak 694E
  • Lime Oak 632M
  • Lime Oak 694D
  • Madrid 674M
  • Pamplona 911L
  • Sacremento 669D
  • Staverton Oak 900D
  • Stock Oak 646E
  • Castle Parquest 664D
  • Forest Oak 669D
  • Orlando 936M
  • Toulouse 669D
  • San Diego 636D
  • Texas Oak 619L
  • Texas Oak 976D
  • Sugar Maple 639M

Beauflor® -The Next Generation Resilient Flooring

Beauflor® Resilient Flooring is one of the most extraordinary and fastest growing flooring products available. When you consider its ability to blend authentic beauty, unlimited patterns and unparalleled durability you begin to understand it's not just another flooring product.

Beauflor® captures the natural essence and textures of wood flooring, ceramic tiles and slate with advanced photographic technology that replicates natural materials. It’s natural looking beauty, performance and value has made it a favored flooring product in the RV, Marine, Manufactured Housing and Multi Family Housing Industries.

Beauflor® Stands Up To Wear, Stains and Extreme Temperatures

Beauflor’s resilient flooring surface, an Engineered Composite, is highly resistant to tears, rips and gouges. Ultra Grip® is added to the surface for greater peace of mind and safety underfoot.

To keep your floor looking new for years Beauflor adds Multi-Protect in the top layer to resist staining agents like oil, gas, hair color, iodine, mustard – all the possible accidents that can happen in daily life.

Unlike vinyl floors with paper or felt backing, Beauflor is produced with unique stable backings that remain stable and resist curling and tearing even in extreme hot or cold temperatures. We back that up with a unique cold crack warranty.

However You View it Beauflor® is Exceptional RV Flooring

Exceptional Durability

Beauflor’s engineered composite wear surface for RV’s is so amazing it actually compares favorably with high-quality ceramic flooring! Beauflor has revolutionized resilient flooring for the RV industry with its ability to marry textiles to composite resilient flooring in seamless widths up to 8’2” for the RV industry. Beauflor’s PVC backing eliminates curling and cold cracking commonly experienced in the antiquated paper or felt backed vinyl floor products.

Quiet and Comfortable

PVC Foam backings result in quieter and more comfortable floors unlike most hard surface floors such as wood, laminate, vinyl and ceramic.

Safety Underfoot

Ultra Grip® is embedded within the “wear” surface of Beauflor® and provides greater safety underfoot in dry or wet conditions compared to laminate, vinyl, ceramic and wood floors.

Unparalleled Selection and Value

Beauflor® offers a complete collection of resilient floors that allow the designer or manufacturer a choice of styles, underfoot comfort and product performance suited for every application. Beauflor’s Unique Selling Proposition is its complete value consisting of lower cost, superior performance and authentic beauty.


*Please check with your Syntec Sales Representative for available patterns.