Madera® Lvt

Options Preview
  • Mocha - U110/C110/PL03
  • Forest Gold - U106/C106/PL06
  • Espresso Walnut-U108/C108/PL05
  • Latte - U109/C109/PL02
  • Bronze - U502
  • Corsica - U501
  • Opal - U503
  • Pewter - U504
  • Gunstock - U104/C104/PL04
  • Cinnamon Oak - U107/C107
  • Driftwood - U702
  • Coffee - U704
  • Rome - U705
  • Venice - U706
  • Pecan - PL01


Syntec’s Madera® luxury vinyl tile & plank captures the essence of earth's woods and stones in cost-efficient laminate flooring. Madera® LVT is a great choice for those who want the premium look of hardwood or stone with all the easy maintenance advantages of laminate. Madera® LVT is soft, quiet and warm underfoot and is exceptionally tough to stand the test of time and active families.

Madera® LVT is a great flooring choice for manufactured and multi-family housing If you are looking for incredible aesthetics while still keeping within a set budget. Madera® LVT is waterproof, easy to maintain and requires minimal subfloor prep. You will be amazed at how elegant and expensive Madera® LVT will look in your home utilizing the hardwood and stone designs.

Syntec offers a wide variety of LVT flooring styles to compliment your interior designs:

Madera or Madera Clic (6" X 36" - 2.0 mm Straight Edged)
Gunstock Oak (U104-C104)
Forest Gold (U106-C106)
Cinnamon Oak (U107-C107)
Expresso Walnut (U108-C108)
Latte (U109-C109)
Mocha (U110-C110)

Madera (7" X 48" - 2.0mm Straight Edged)
Driftwood (U702)
Coffee (U704)
Rome (U705)
Venice (U706)

Madera Plus (6" X 48" - 2.5mm Straight Edged)
Pecan (PL01)
Latte (PL02)
Mocha (PL03)
Gunstock (PL04)
Espresso (PL05)

Madera Tile (18" X 18")
Corsica (U501)
Bronze (U502)

Madera Tile (12" X 24")
Opal (U503)
Pewter (U504)

Syntec also offers the finest LVT adhesives for pain free installation.