Sunbrella® Material

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“The Only Place Your Boat Should Fade Is Into The Sunset”

Syntec is proud to offer our partners Sunbrella® Topping Material. No other marine fabric withstands the ravages of water, sun, salt or wind better than Sunbrella® brand fabrics.

Whichever stylish Sunbrella® fabric you choose, you can be sure Sunbrella’s vivid colors won’t fade like other fabrics or vinyl. That’s because Sunbrella® fabrics’ color is an integral part of the fiber and can’t be washed or bleached out by the sun, rain or chlorine. Sunbrella® fabrics carry the Skin Cancer Foundation’s Seal of Recommendation, giving you the added sun protection your boat, family and friends need.

Sunbrella® –Fabric that is suitable for interior and exterior marine use that is mold, mildew and water-resistant. (60” & 80” widths; 60 linear yards per roll)

Sunbrella® Plus – Marine fabric with a durable polyurethane undercoating for superior water resistance. (60” width: 60 linear yards per roll)

Sunbrella® View – Shade fabric that filters up to 93% of the sun’s heat and light keeping interiors cooler during warmer months. (60” width; 60 linear yards per roll)

Sunbrella® Supreme- Waterproof exterior marine fabric with the aesthetics of interior fabric. This fabric has an acrylic face and acrylic flocking on the back, the result being an essentially waterproof product for critical marine applications. (60” widths; 40 linear yards per roll)