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  • Opulence Beaumont Blue
  • Opulence Black
  • Opulence Briar
  • Opulence Chamois
  • Opulence Champagne
  • Opulence Chill
  • Opulence Copper
  • Opulence Cylinder
  • Opulence Early Spring
  • Opulence Fresh Leaf
  • Opulence Golden Brown
  • Opulence Grape
  • Opulence High Prairie
  • Opulence Intrigue
  • Opulence Mustard
  • Opulence Olive Oil
  • Opulence Pomegranate
  • Opulence Spa
  • Opulence Steel
  • Opulence Stetson
  • Opulence Tomato
  • Opulence Tree House
  • Opulence True Blue
  • Opulence Tusk

Opulance is an extraordinary marine vinyl collection with Nanocide™ Antimicrobial giving the look and feel of fine fabric for interior and exterior upholstery. Opulence is PVC coated vinyl featuring waterproof capabilities, outstanding cleaning ability and durability. The Nanocide™ is environmentally friendly and prevents mold and mildew from growing on the surface of the vinyl.



  • Flame Retardant: Classified as self-extinguishing according with SAE J 369 Jan. 94. Manufactured to meet motor vehicle standard 302 and California Tech Bulletin 117.

  • Abrasion Resistant: Protected with special finish to conform to: MF-MH BN 82. Wyzenbeck/CFFA-1; Federal Standard 191A. Method 5304

  • UV Light Resistant: Protected with special agents and formulated with UV light resistant pigments, with over 1,000 hours ultraviolet resistance.

  • Mildew Resistant: Back & Face protected to conform with ASTM G21

  • Heat Sealable

  • Can be treated for FAR Specification.

  • Topcoat lacquered with TAS-1 advanced vinyl protection.



Weight: Oz./1.yd 25

Thickness: Mils 50

Width: Inches 54

Breaking Strength: Lbs./In 65

Tear Strength: Lbs. 20

Cold Crack: OF -10

Backing: 100% Knitted Polyester