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  • Reflections Mountain Majesty
  • Reflections Pumpkin Pie
  • Reflections Off White
  • Reflections Mountain Sage
  • Reflections Lilypad
  • Reflections Lanyard
  • Reflections Icebox
  • Reflections Honeydew
  • Reflections Holly Berry
  • Reflections Fresh Pine
  • Reflections Fresh Paprika
  • Reflections Forest Floor
  • Reflections Farmington Green
  • Reflections Amber Leaf
  • Reflections Basalt
  • Reflections Black
  • Reflections Bone
  • Reflections Brocade
  • Reflections Buff
  • Reflections Buttercream
  • Reflections Cinnamon Toast
  • Reflections Cool Aqua
  • Reflections Cool Grey
  • Reflections Dark Sky
  • Reflections Deep Garnet
  • Reflections Deep Purple
  • Reflections All Spice
  • Reflections Margarita
  • Reflections Meditation
  • Reflections Middy Blue
  • Reflections Quarry
  • Reflections Rich Navy
  • Reflections Rich Terra Cotta
  • Reflections Sand Dance
  • Reflections Silent Fog
  • Reflections Silk Road
  • Reflections Squash
  • Reflections Syrah
  • Reflections Vine
  • Reflections Warm Nutmeg

Marine Faux Leather Collection

Reflections marine vinyl mirrors the image of soft pools of supple leather. It is the latest entry in a distinctive line of faux leather products from Syntec Industries. The fabric’s soft, rich hand meets or exceeds the highest quality standards of the marine industry.

Our insatiable passion for crafting the finest finishes for our customers is unmatched and Reflections represents this commitment without compromising style, feel or durability.



  • Flame Retardant: Classified as self-extinguishing according with SAE J 369 Jan. 94. Manufactured to meet motor vehicle standard 302 and California Tech Bulletin 117.

  • Abrasion Resistant: Protected with special finish to conform to: MF-MH BN 82. Wyzenbeck/CFFA-1; Federal Standard 191A. Method 5304

  • UV Light Resistant: Protected with special agents and formulated with UV light resistant pigments, with over 1,000 hours ultraviolet resistance.

  • Mildew Resistant: Back & Face protected to conform with ASTM G21

  • Heat Sealable

  • Can be treated for FAR Specification.

  • Topcoat lacquered with TAS-1 advanced vinyl protection.



Weight: Oz./1.yd 29

Thickness: Mils 44

Width: Inches 54

Breaking Strength: Lbs./In 100

Tear Strength: Lbs. 22

Cold Crack: OF -10

Backing: 100% Knitted Polyester