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  • Starlight Aegean
  • Starlight Almond
  • Starlight Balsamic
  • Starlight Buff
  • Starlight Chamois
  • Starlight Charcoal
  • Starlight Dusty Blue
  • Starlight Early Spring
  • Starlight Ebony
  • Starlight Fresh Leaf
  • Starlight Late Evening
  • Starlight Lilac Dust
  • Starlight Merlot
  • Starlight Midnight
  • Starlight Milkweed
  • Starlight Paprika
  • Starlight Papyrus
  • Starlight Purple Orchid
  • Starlight Storm Cloud
  • Starlight Sweet Cherry

Specialty Marine Vinyl Collection

Starlight is a coated marine fabric for both interior and exterior use featuring Nanocide™ Antimicrobial. This unique product is the first of its kind in the marine industry. When compared to arsenic and cyanide based biocides Nanocide™ is the most effective antimicrobial on the market today and is environmentally friendly. Its effectiveness is long term and stays as powerful at the end of the fabric’s lifecycle as it did in the beginning. Starlight is a high-end marine vinyl that has a buttery soft hand with a special star emboss pattern. Starlight is suitable for both interior and exterior marine use.



  • Flame Retardant: Classified as self-extinguishing according with SAE J 369 Jan. 94. Manufactured to meet motor vehicle standard 302 and California Tech Bulletin 117.

  • Abrasion Resistant: Protected with special finish to conform to: MF-MH BN 82. Wyzenbeck/CFFA-1; Federal Standard 191A. Method 5304

  • UV Light Resistant: Protected with special agents and formulated with UV light resistant pigments, with over 1,000 hours ultraviolet resistance.

  • Mildew Resistant: Back & Face protected to conform with ASTM G21

  • Heat Sealable

  • Can be treated for FAR Specification.

  • Topcoat lacquered with TAS-1 advanced vinyl protection.



Weight: Oz./1.yd 25

Thickness: Mils 40

Width: Inches 54

Breaking Strength: Lbs./In 65

Tear Strength: Lbs. 20

Cold Crack: OF -10

Backing: 100% Knitted Polyester