Vinyl Solutions

CoolTouch Technology opens up a whole new world of possibilities for interior boat design.

Imagine marine vinyl technology so advanced it’s now possible to reduce temperatures in dark vinyl to be as cool as neutral colored vinyl in mid-summer heat. CoolTouchblack and charcoal vinyl colors have been tested and shown to be cooler than standard neutral colored vinyl by more than 10 degrees increasing passenger comfort, and opening up a plethora of interior design options. Syntec’s exclusive CoolTouch Technology is an amazing breakthrough and is changing the way designers are incorporating dark vinyl into their boat interior designs. CoolTouch Technology treatments are available on all Syntec marine vinyl offerings. Talk with your Syntec Regional Sales Manager for complete details on how your company can create a substantial product separation advantage by featuring CoolTouch Technology in your boat interiors.

CoolTouch Technology-IBBI 2012 “Innovation of Year” Award Winner

NBT Marine Vinyl

NBT Marine represents the next generation protective coating for all of your marine vinyl needs. Syntec’s exclusive NBT Marine Vinyl utilizes nanotechnology or the science of manipulating materials at the molecular level to provide unparalleled performance and vinyl longevity. Syntec is the first to offer this advanced coated fabrics technology in the marine industry.

Before Syntec Industries introduced Nano Block Technology® to the marine vinyl industry it was hard to imagine vinyl that could be resistant to abrasions, ink marks, sun damage, mildew and other microbials.

NBT Marine allows for easier and superior vinyl cleaning. The toughest stains easily wipe clean!

NBT® features unparalleled microbial protection! It literally “blocks” the vinyl surface from mildew and other potential vinyl damaging microbials.

NBT® provides greater color preservation! NBT Marine features a Nano UV inhibitor that protects vinyl up to 3x longer than conventional marine vinyl maintaining color vibrancy and preserving the finish longer than ever before.

NBT® offers unparalleled Stain Resistance! NBT Marine forms a protective barrier against abrasions, grease, grime, sun tan oils and even gasoline.



Syntec offers a variety of foam lamination options to add to your selected vinyl to include various foams and Remay foam backings. Please consult with your regional sales manager for details.