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  • Excaliber Sand
  • Excaliber Bayshore Tan
  • Excaliber Beachside
  • Excaliber Brown Stone
  • Excaliber Chalk
  • Excaliber Charcoal
  • Excaliber Chocolate
  • Excaliber Ivory
  • Excaliber Neutral
  • Excaliber Off White
  • Excaliber Onyx
  • Excaliber Platinum
  • Excaliber Sand
  • Excaliber Sanderling
  • Excaliber Silver

Premium Stretch RV Vinyl

Excalibur premium stretch RV vinyl has design tailoring properties due to its ability to stretch 360 degrees. Excalibur is an expanded 29-ounce two-way stretch vinyl ideal for RV and automotive interior seating and trim applications.

(Available in 14 colors)


  • Flame Retardant: Classified as self-extinguishing according with SAE J 369 Jan. 94. Manufactured to meet motor vehicle standard 302 and California Tech Bulletin 117.

  • Abrasion Resistant: Protected with special finish to conform to: MF-MH BN 82. Wyzenbeck/CFFA-1; Federal Standard 191A. Method 5304

  • UV Light Resistant: Protected with special agents and formulated with UV light resistant pigments, with over 1,000 hours ultraviolet resistance.

  • Mildew Resistant: Back & Face protected to conform with ASTM G21

  • Heat Sealable

  • Can be treated for FAR Specification

  • Standard with TAS-1 Advanced Vinyl Protection



Weight: Oz./1.yd 29

Thickness: Mils 44

Width: Inches 54

Breaking Strength: Lbs./In 100

Tear Strength: Lbs. 22

Cold Crack: OF -10

Backing: 100% Knitted Polyester