"Most Steering Wheels Respond To Driver Input. Gussi Italia® Creates Driver Responses."

A Work of Art

A Gussi Italia® Marine Steering Wheel is more than a steering wheel it is the centerpiece of the finest helms in the marine industry. Like many Italian works of art, each wheel stands apart as its own individual expression while complimenting the overall design.

The steering wheel is the first place a prospective owner places his hands to envision ownership so an awe inspiring first impression can be very helpful in furthering the sales process.

Enhanced Performance

All steering wheels respond to driver input but only Gussi Italia® Marine Steering Wheels create driver responses. Can a Gussi Italia Marine Steering Wheel actually make a boat perform better? Maybe it is not readily apparent in the performance data, but the weight and balance of a Gussi Italia®  steering wheel certainly magnifies the performance attributes of a boat and gives a sense of enhanced stability and more controlled turning.

Italian Craftsmanship & Style

Genuine mahogany and other fine woods, stainless steel, polished aluminum, chrome, leather or soft-touch molded polyurethane are just a sample of the quality materials that go into crafting some of the extraordinary Gussi Italia® Steering Wheels.

The choice of materials is impressive, as is the Italian craftsmanship but the breathtaking styling and quality separate a Gussi Italia® steering wheel from being just another wheel to one that truly sets a boat apart from the pack.

Italian designers and artisans create and manufacturer the Gussi Italia® Steering Wheels  employing genuine Italian components and technologies while following Syntec's quality management system.